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Digital Smile Design
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Seeing is Believing

Koopah and Koopah is one of the first dental offices in the San Francisco and Orinda areas to feature Digital Smile Design, a groundbreaking new technology that puts the patient in control of their care. This empowering technology can show you the exact outcome of any proposed or desired cosmetic dentistry treatments before you commit, so you’ll feel comfortable and confident in the future of your smile.

At your Digital Smile Design consultation, the dentists at Koopah and Koopah will capture the unique dimensions of your smile, allowing them to map your desired results and superimpose them onto an image of your face. These digital images will show you the end results before you begin. Based on these images, you can adjust your goals, treatment plan, or try out several different smiles. The images are accessible through an app on your smartphone, so you can take them home with you, or share them with friends and family, at your convenience. With Digital Smile Design, the team at Koopah and Koopah puts you in the driver’s seat, helping you find the perfect smile for your unique face.

Digital Smile Design is the most advanced visual diagnostic tool today, and is offered by only a few dental practices. While some offices offer digital imaging to help patients get a sense of what the results of their cosmetic dentistry might look like, Digital Smile Design is the most comprehensive and predictable diagnostic tool available today. It doesn’t produce generic before and after photographs, but high definition images suited precisely to the dimensions of your face.

Cosmetic dentistry is a serious commitment. Koopah and Koopah has invested in this new technology because they want their patients to feel completely confident and comfortable with any desired cosmetic treatments. With your specific goals in mind, the team at Koopah and Koopah will put together a treatment plan, and their Digital Smile Design tech will allow you to see the results of those plans, exactly as they’ll look when you’re finished. Digital Smile Design eliminates the guesswork involved in some cosmetic dentistry, and puts you in control of your own care.

Once you’ve found the perfect smile for you, you’re in great hands with the team at Koopah and Koopah. They’ve specialized in cosmetic dentistry, from whitening to crowns and veneers, or Invisalign, for years. They have the experience and expertise to provide whatever cosmetic services you need to achieve your brightest, healthiest smile, and Digital Smile Design will help you know for certain how that smile will look like before you get to work.

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The Digital Smile Design process is quick and easy, requiring only a single appointment and no invasive procedures of any kind. The appointment amounts more or less to a consultation with your dentist. You’ll discuss your goals, the dentist will take a few photographs, and the Digital Smile Design technology will allow you see exactly what your smile will look like, should you move forward with the determined treatment plan. If it doesn’t look right to you, you and the dentist can adjust the treatment plan to get the desired results. It’s the safest and most predictable way to find the perfect smile for you. It removes the risk, and takes away the fear of going into a procedure without knowing what the outcome will look like.

Many patients have anxiety around cosmetic dentistry because they aren’t sure what the outcome will be. It’s easy to imagine the best, only to later realize the smile is not quite what you intended. Digital Smile Design makes it so you no longer have to imagine. You can see the results with your own eyes before beginning treatment. It’s an easy and safe way of dealing with that anxiety and getting the exact results you want. You’ll know what you’re getting into, and you’ll be in control of your care from the very beginning.

Thanks to Koopah and Koopah, and Digital Smile Design, your cosmetic dentistry will be easier and more reliable than ever before. To get familiar with the future of your smile, make an appointment for a Digital Smile Design consultation today.

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